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Sessions & Pricing

Initial Session - 30 Minute Free Consultation

This is an opportunity for you to meet with the counsellor. It will give you the opportunity to explore and gain a better understanding of the counselling process. We will try to answer any of your questions and discuss any of your concerns that you may have. We understand it may be difficult, for you to take this first step but we aim to provide a safe and secure place to make this easier. We will also go through the practical things such as payment and booking during your first session.

One-to-one Sessions - 60 Minutes

We believe that the individual is of paramount importance. The number of sessions is decided by you, weekly sessions may be beneficial in the early stages of counselling but this can be discussed/agreed with your counsellor. We will review the sessions frequently to ensure the counselling is as beneficial as possible to you. You may decide one session is enough. This is an open ended process. Thus, confirming our belief that the client knows what they need.

Sessions are available Monday to Friday between 8am and 8pm

You will find us to be very flexible with appointment times. We will fit in with your availability and situation, as much as possible.

Sessions Cost - £30.00 and we will accept payment by cash or bank transfer.

Reduced Rates

We do have several daytime sessions available at a reduced rate, this can be discussed during your free initial consultation.

We look forward to meeting you…


07756 555 652 or 01463 719061

It changed my life, it has given me the ability to cope with any issues that come up and I am slowly getting my life back on track.

I have had several ‘light bulb moments’, during my sessions which has helped me to piece my life experiences together. It has been difficult at times but now, each day is a new beginning. I feel part of my family now and I am beginning to enjoy the simple things in life.

That first session was hard. To take that step into the counselling room and talk about myself. It got easier and now after several sessions I am able to face life head on.

My life has a new meaning, every day I wake up and I feel freer to enjoy my day to day life.

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I had no connection with my emotions. I have been drinking for years and I lost myself. My counselling has taken me on a ‘rollercoaster’ ride. It has been a dark/light journey. Now, I am beginning to live a life that feels more meaningful. I am enjoying this ‘moment’, beginning to look to the future…not sure what it looks like though?

All my life I have never been in control of my own path. I had experienced very difficult moments. I had just buried them, hoping they would disappear. My sessions were very slow at times, I needed that though. Now, I am gaining some sort of connection with my past.

My life was weighing me down. I felt I was carrying a heavy weight on my shoulders. Through my counselling I am beginning to feel lighter, as I learnt to talk through my problems rather than bottling them up inside. Now, I am able to cope better with my very hectic lifestyle.

I did not believe in myself, no one was listening to me. I felt I was invisible to my friends and family. At last, I have my own place each week, to talk through my thoughts and feelings. The only time in the week that is just for me…I am now more trusting of myself.